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‘There is a growing expectation for demonstrable efficiency in the management of fixed assets, not as a schedule but as a portfolio of value rich assets requiring the same level of management as a companies investment in stock’

Asset Disposal

EWC Asset Management specialise in the safe and transparent disposal of surplus assets, the route to market is designed to achieve maximum return on behalf of our clients. As a retained agent EWC will manage all aspects of the sale from viewings through to de-commissioning and removal.
Private Treaty – Sales are completed through negotiation with clients being briefed on the final destination of equipment. Our experience tells us that in this competitive world our clients look to protect there current manufacturing base whilst maximising there return on surplus and redundant equipment. All negotiations are carried out by senior qualified personnel and supported by a back office team handling all administrative duties such as Sales contracts, Letters and Credit and payments thus ensuring that the client is protected at all times.
Auction – Online Auctions are a highly effective method of clearing sites of surplus equipment and achieving strong returns on equipment. Using realtime online Auction facilities with our global partners delivers timely disposal programmes.
Valuation – EWC Asset Management can carry out valuations of all plant, machinery and services on behalf of our clients and prospects. We will supply you with 2 valuations based on Forced Market conditions and Open Market conditions. The valuations will be based on todays market conditions.
Decommissioning – EWC cover all aspects of decommissioning taking into account all aspects of Health and Safety inline with current legislation. Our approach to Environmental issues and projects where Remediation and Environmental control are key is unrivalled. Our decommissioning teams control all aspects of Project management and ensure works are completed safely, on time and in budget. Our decommissioning services cover all aspects of shipping and transportation.
our approach utilising all our strengths allows ewc to deliver a unique total asset management solution designed to increase value across equipment, land and buildings
asset appraisal
 asset valuation
 sales: private treaty / auction
 decomissioning / demolition
astute assets from ewc, a browser based software tool that delivers internal asset management to bring value added opportunities to our clients asset portfolio

Asset Appraisal
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Asset Valuation
EWC Asset Management work with clients from all sectors to supply tailored services designed to maximise the value of your surplus assets.
Online Auction
Live webcast auctions run in conjunction with strategic marketing campaign. Auctions are an excellent tool where by the client is looking to achieve a clearance with no conditions. This service can be co-ordianted with a Private Treaty sale where there is a financial or geographical constraint. Clients should realise that Auctions are final and that once the sale has been agreed a binding contract exists.
EWC Asset Management offer our clients the opportunity to truly understand the values that are available to them during a demolition process. Our objective is the realise maximum values for our clients in conjunction with demolition programmes. Land locked assets represent superb returns and are quite often only achievable during demolition, we will help you recognise and realise these values and achieve best returns for your company.
Asset Disposal
EWC Asset Management work with clients from all sectors to supply tailored services designed to maximise the value of your surplus assets.
De-Commissioning & Project Management
EWC Asset Management decommissioning teams manage and control all aspects of asset removal. Health and Safety and is achieved through constructive project management and clear communication. From total factory relocation through to individual assets EWC ensure precision and control. Areas absorbed into this division include Environmental issues and CDM with specialists covering all aspects ensuring best practice on behalf of our clients.
EWC Asset management through a network of accredited partner companies can offer our clients specialist financing options. Our range of products will ensure that the tailored finance packages are designed to meet your equipment and finance objectives. EWC can offer a part exchange option to many enquiries, subject to inspection and valuation, this may allow you to develop your companies requirement whilst achieving best value and reduce  cash flow investment.
Private Treat Sale
Private treaty –  negotiated sale where the price agreed between the seller and the buyer is binding. EWC offer Private Treaty sales to clients looking to control and achieve the true value of assets as well as control the destination of these assets and so protect your own business. Designed to meet our clients needs and timeframes, Private Treaty offers global marketing and exceptional results.
Project & Asset Appraisal
EWC Asset Management offer clients a Project and  Asset Appraisal opportunity to assess best practice and offer a non binding solution proposal based on requirements, the goal is to add value to our projects and minimise pour client costs. This service can cover Asset valuations, Sales by Private Treaty or Auction, Dismantling services and cost appraisal, Storage, crating and shipping, Demolition credit assessment, Remediation services.

Why have an appraisal – EWC see value where others see profit, our aim to help you achieve a true understanding of project costs and asset values.

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EWC Asset management offer a full valuation services. Designed to assist clients with acquisition and disposal programmes. EWC will supply our clients with 2 valuations via our  2 valuation services:

Desktop –  Written valuation prepared against information and photographs supplied by the client.

Site appraisal – Full site survey and valuation.

Valuations supplied are:

OMV (Open Market vale) – Best realistic value based on trading conditions given free reign to sell and achieve bast price with no constraints on time or buyer.

FSV    (Forces sale vale) –      Value based on restricted sales opportunity, buyer and time constraints.