Spooner Vickers 4000 PH Bread plant

Lot Number: EW/BL/001
Make: Spooner Vickers
Model: Bread line
Age: 1998
Quantity: 1

Complete Bread line producing 4000 product per hour


Baker Perkins 340 Mixer

Benier Divider

Benier Rounder

Benier Twin first proofer

2 x Benier Moulders ML600

Spooner Vickers Final overhead Proofer

Decorating line with Water cutter, glaze unit and duster unit

Spooner Vickers 3 section gas fired oven with Maxon burners

Kaag Twin spiral cooler with temperature control

Tin return and inline cleaning

3 x 1000 Tin store



4000 per hour bread line c/w mixer, divider,rounder, first proofer,moulder,final proofer,oven,twin spiral coolers, tin return and store