Sidel PET Blow Moulding and Filling line

Lot Number: EWC/PR/BD/001
Make: Sidel
Model: 16/16
Age: 1998
Quantity: 1

Complete Blow moulding and filling line including all downstream equipment to the labeller.

Sidel Unscrambler and feed unit

Sidel SBO 16/16 Blow Moulder 1998

Ancillary assets including Chiller, Pure water and Tricool Warming tool

90 meter Airveyor system delivering to Krones Conveyors

28000 ltr Moeschle product feed tank

Sarcmi Azzura Bolltle filler with Zalcin capper

Krones Checkmat and Flowlines system

Sig Alfa Rollquattro Labeller


Complete Blow moulding and filling line for 1.5, 2 and 3 ltr non carbonated drinks. Blow moulding, conveyors, filling, checking and labelling 18,000 bottles capacity (STC and downstream capabilities)