Sauce process and Jar filling line

Lot Number: EW/PC/001
Make: Terlet
Age: 2100
Quantity: 1
2011 Terlet Sauce Cooking PlantĀ  including
2 x 3000L Auger Screw & Paddle Mixing Tanks
800L Slurry Tank
Steam Heated
S/N 310039
Crnitech Tote Bin Hoist with Avery Weightronix
ZM305 Read Out
Partial CIP System
Sick M4000 Lightguards
Superheater (for PH Control Pasteurisation)
Foodmec (Scotland)
16 Head Bottle Filler with change parts for 11 sizes of bottle
200 Jars pm
Changes parts 210 gm, 290 gm, 340 gm, 430 gm, 540 gm
HMI control panel
Phantom Metal detector
100 x 300 aperture
Crown Global Capper
Age 2005
SN 5643
C/W cap sorter and elevator
Sauce cooking process and Foodmech Jar filling line 3000 ltr batch cooking for sauces with inclusions Jar filling for 210,290,340,430,540 gm