Metal detectors/Detection

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Make: Safeline
Model: Model R70
Age: 2008
Quantity: 1


Model R70


X-Ray system


Function below

The InspireX R70 x-ray inspection system is a single vertical x-ray beam system designed for inspection of pumped products, typically slurries, semi-solids and fluids before the final packaging and further value is added to the product.

Maximising uptime and saving costs

The InspireX R70 x-ray system can be set-up within minutes and automatically calibrates in seconds as the x-ray generator and detector retract from the pipeline without the need for manual intervention.

Accurate rejection and minimising product waste

The flow rate signal from the customers pump can automatically change the scan speed of the InspireX R70 as well as change the reject timings to match the customers flow rates.

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1908R70V1048 X-Ray system