KAAK Twin Spiral Bread Cooler

Lot Number: GGLH 001
Make: KAAK
Model: Spiral Cooler
Age: 2009
Quantity: 1

KAAK Twin Drum Spiral Cooler designed for 800 gm Bread up to 8000 loaves per hour.


Double spiral cooler with up-go and down-go drums.
3 lanes of loaves, wide edge leading.
Belt Width : 975 mm.
Tear Pitch : 285 mm.
Including infeed and outfeed conveyors.

Main drive with gearbox.

Spiral frequency controlled driven for a cooling time of 100 to 150 minutes.
Nominal time of 120 minutes based on 7900 loaves/hour.

Designed to cool 8000 x 800 gm loaves per hour. SS construction