Driem Cut and Sheet Line with Spiral cooler and Multivac

Lot Number: EW.ABG.002
Make: Driem
Model: Full line
Age: 2014
Quantity: 1

2104 Driem Sheet and Cut line currently producing NAAN Bread 15,000 per hour

Line consists of Driem Chunker, Driem Sheeting and rolling section, Driem 7 Tier Proofer, Driem Stamping and Cutting, Waste return Conveyors. Den Boer Gas Over, KAAK Single drum Spiral and finally a 2017 Multivac R535 gas flush packaging line.

Currently producing 15,000 NAAN Breads per hour.

Fully supported by KAAK and in exceptional order

Sheet and Cut line making NAAN Breads