APV Bread Line

Lot Number: EW/PI/001
Make: APV
Model: Complete Bread line
Quantity: 1

Full APV swing oven bread line consisting of: Accurist 5000 divider, Baker perkins Conical Moulder, Baker Perkins 1st Dough Proover, APV Swing Final Proofer, APV Swing oven with auto lidding/unlidding and tin store for 600 straps, 1 x Elco gasoil burner, APV slat transport conveyors, APV Suction de-panning, APV Cooler, 115 swings, 3 x Dowson Engineering slicer baggers, DNC auto box forming machine, 800 tins

Tin Bread line with swing lids, includes all aspects of line - Ist proofer, overhead proofer, oven, delidder, cooling, slicing and bagging.